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Why do I have such bad anger issues..?

I've noticed that I've picked up the habit of grinding my teeth a lot... Now whenever a little incident or a problem comes up I go crazy! Whatever I have in my hand I throw it as hard as I can or I punch whatever is near to me. I've never been like this! I've always been very cool headed about everything but I don't know what has happened to me.. whether if it's me clenching my teeth all the time makes me even more upset and angry or I've always been so angrily violent..

Please help what can I do to calm down or break this habit of mine?..

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    can we agrree, its our mind. so we need to learn how brain works. a little bio, medical. left / right brain. its now not balanced. so u need to control it - kinda discipline it - when balance is achieved life is nicer.

    treat brain as separate entity then control would be easier. so our actions may look odd at times but the challenge to control will be evident thru time

    not easy long process. start now

    stop eating junk food. only brain food - vege fruits nuts fish.

    anger management program would be useful

    all the best

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