Is it odd to have more than one paintball gun?

I play paintball recreationally but I wanted to know if people usually have more than one paintball gun. I currently own a spyder xtra with a upgraded trigger and extended barrel. But ive been looking alot lately at the spyder fenix. I couldnt really find if it was uncommon for someone to own more than one paintball gun. So is uncommon for a recreational player to own more than one gun?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I have 5 markers.

    My main is a Jeff Orr Signature Edition Autococker. This is basically a mid block Karnivore with different machining. The grip is an E2 with the zero B upgrade software. Not much to say other than it will spray paint with the best of them or single shots with some impressive accuracy. This is for scenario games where I can be up against all kinds of ramped and full auto markers.

    My backup is an 05 Black Magic Autococker with select fire. Not as many high performance parts but it is also a mid block and functionally the same as the JO in a fire fight. The select fire isn't as good as the E2, but it works well enough. This has the flame machining and were available in a couple different fades. Mine is just black.

    I have an old and cracking Smart Parts SP-8 with both barrels and the stock. It is a first run model with the 4 prong short barrel. Internally these are the same as an Ion. Low pressure operation and the long barrel is very quiet. The biggest problem is the plastic breaks and cracks so you probably won't find any in use any more. I keep it for sentimental reasons and an emergency backup. Otherwise it is to much work keeping the plastic body parts together.

    I still have my first marker which is a Tippmann A5. It has a stock, barrel, and Egrip upgrades. I keep this marker for the odd chance that I'll be at a field with CO2 only. Otherwise it is still a good marker and another backup or sometimes lender. It is very hard to actually hurt this marker.

    Last on the list is my CCI Phantom pump. This is for pump games and maybe walk-on games when I probably don't need to spray paint. I bought it as a stock class with a 15 round magazine, a 13/3000 HPA tank and the 12 gram quick change. This is still one of the best pump markers made and in some configurations the least expensive.

    So there you have it. A serious rec player is probably going to want at least 3 markers. A main, a backup, and a pump. Get involved in pump games as it is a whole different kind of paintball. Nobody can spray paint and things move a bit slower and often much more quietly. As a plus, pump play will force you to get better and take your game to a new level.

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    5 years ago

    Walmart has the Spyder Pilot for $100

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    9 years ago

    Im going thru a autococker faze,04prostock 05 blackmagic and trilogy comp,two ions and i think we all own a spider or two lol

  • 9 years ago

    no not at all experienced player always have more then one gun

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    9 years ago

    The more the merrier!

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