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What are your opinions on Ford Fusion automobiles?

I'm inquiring into alot of cars before I buy. Making sure I don't overlook any of 'em. I'm going to end up buying a certified used car and I'm mainly into American cars.


Damn, I got schooled. Thanks for the fact check Guana. Anyways, I guess I meant American brand cars. Not being an elitist or whatever but most of my fav cars are dodge or ford.

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    I think a Ford Fusion is a really nice car, but if you are buying an American car because you think it is made in America, I would look for another model since the fusion is made in Mexico.

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    The fusion has an excellent reliability record and consistently scores well in owner surveys. among Americans the Chevy Malibu does well. Avoid the mid-sized Chrysler company cars.

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    I rented one last year and I liked it. They are as reliable as any other car you can get, and also are recommended by Consumer Reports magazine, which reviews every car and they don't accept advertising, so they are less biased than most car magazines and car websites.

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    9 years ago you will thank me later

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