can someone tell me how to hook up an amp in my 95 Taurus?

I tried to hook it up but it wont turn on. I just really need to know where to hook up a ground in it I have tried a few bolts. will it matter if I hook it up to an existing ground or should I make a different ground. I just really want it to work. Oh and it is hooked up in my trunk should I try it under my passenger seat

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    When grounding your amp there is one specific " general " location on where to install and how to install.

    Most people will pull up the carpet and scratch or sand off some paint from the body of the car.

    They will then connect one " o ring terminal " to the end of the ground cable and bolt that to the car body " where you sanded paint " and run the bolted ground cable up and through the carpet and into the amp.

    This will generally give you a solid ground connection and also it's always a good idea to ground the amp before you run power.. i mean the amp won't power without a ground but just in safe keeping

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