Are video games equal to software?

I purchased a game,(Phantasy Starr on line) which has both on and off live modes. It's for the old x-box, but now cant play it because there is no support for the old x-box from x-box live. The problem is it's paid for why shouldn't I be allowed to use it? If I bought office 2003 I could use that over 2010, why not my game?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Class action lawsuit? If you purchase they should service it, I would get an attorney and see if others are experencing same issue, if so you may be doing good for many.

  • 9 years ago

    Software and games are one in the same. More so, to hopefully answer your question, they are both considered intellectual copyright, just like music and movies. By purchasing and using said item, you are agreeing to it's terms of use. You are bound to the product's End User License Agreement (EULA). In the case of Microsoft Office, what you actually pay for is the serial code to unlock the content.

    In the case of Phantasy Star Online, the online service has been discontinued. The physical media is yours, while the advantage of the online service has expired.

    The game market is currently changing, with regard to these aspects at it's heart. Just think of all those people that bought their albums on record, then tape, then disc, and now iTunes. Phantasy Star Online and it's iterations are ever evolving. They just want you to buy the new one.

    Sorry bud.

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