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What if the United States invaded Pakistan rather than Iraq?

The United States and United Kingdom remember that Pakistan supported the Taliban and Al-Qaeda rise to power during the 1990's. So they think Pakistan is as equally accountable for harboring terrorists as Afghanistan is.

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    Pakistan has always been a US ally. During the Cold War Pakistan was the only country in South Asia that supported the US while the rest of the region stood with the Reds.

    Furthermore, the Taliban were a US creation. The CIA created these Taliban by rallying "mujahids" from other Muslim countries to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. These "mujahids" and the Pakistani army fought off the Russian invasion of Afghanistan after which they formed their own government in Afghanistan and started calling themselves Taliban. So, Pakistan fought a proxy war for the US in the 80s.

    After all Pakistan has done for the US it would well near be impossible to explain an invasion of Pakistan to the International community especially when the Taliban are actually US creations. Many countries did not buy the reason for Iraq invasion either.

    Plus China - a permanent UN Security Council member- will never stand for a US invasion of Pakistan.

    And a full scale invasion of Pakistan is nearly impossible because they have one of the largest and most well trained armies in the world. They are armed with a Nuclear bomb and they have THE best human intelligence agency in the world.

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    My friend, the US CIA created the taliban and supported them financially through the Pakistani ISI, these talibans were once heroes, freedom fighters known as Mujahideens to fight the Soviet Union where they were successful, Pakistan has been a good ally to the US even though the US hasn't been truthful in the Pakistan India war, and now that the USA started to threaten them and bomb their country and kill more innocent people that suspect militants with drones why shouldn't they refuse to cooperate?

    Pakistan has a large military with strong allies such as China, Turkey, Iran etc, they were the first muslim country to have nukes and have some of the best missile technology but due to international pressure they haven't been testing their latest nukes, they have excellent special service commandos and intelligence services in the world (not the best i'd say).

    There are many Pakistanis in the UK and USA so a war against Pakistan would prove disastrous with every civilian turning to fight globally, most of the big countries getting involved such as Russia, Iran, China, Turkey etc etc leading to a WW3 and every muslim nation supporting Pakistan and even more Mujahideen being produced than ever.

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    The cause of the U.S navy invasion to Afghanistan, is effectively, vengeance closer to those in charge for nine/eleven. Pakistan has nuclear guns, so it might be too dicy to assault it.. until of direction there used to be a taleban govt. The usual and the reputable cause for the Iraq struggle used to be "guns of mass destruction", as everyone knows, Americans certainly not discovered any. And it's needles to mention, that Iraq used to be invaded considering the fact that of oil. I consider you, it is a waste of cash,lives and time to be the arena police. America makes extra enemies via attacking different nations, however then again, their large weapon enterprise is dwelling from the struggle...

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    That wont be easy because its the only Muslims country with atomic bomb and MUCH big army and all the muslims countries will support it.And remember we used the mozlems in afghanistan to fight russia our government back then supported it and now they are using the weapons we provided them with against us,pakistan had nothing to do with it.We dont even need to fight pakistan because its already somehow in our GRIP they do what we say,we entered their country and killed people their they have no problem with us.

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    Pakistan is a much bigger country---more difficult target. It has one of the top ten largest armies in the world. Attacking it would cause refugees to spill into India in huge numbers; and India is a country we wish to have good relations with, so that must be avoided. Finally, Pakistan is so big, that there may even be Pakistanis in the US armed forces, or even in the armed command. Therefore, attacking it would be difficult.

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    hey u dirty Dark Cylinder! are u wanting anothar 9-11 are supporting zionist israel so 19 brave martyrs are teaching u a lesson! if you attack Pakistan many times 9-11 attack will happen , dont forget we are having nuclear weapons! you send in your fleet and we shall nuke it! also there are many Pakistanis in America and many of them in army of US and even command ....If you attacks Pakistan they are all teaching you a lesson! we will shoot you down with your own missiles !

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    Remember: Pakistan has the bomb.

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    As if the US needs to add more nations to its invasion list.

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    It would be doable, but harder. P@ki's got a big ol' army.

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