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Do you think he likes me, or just friends?

We were friends 2 yrs ago (he liked me but didn't think I liked him, so he asked out my friend (over text). I got mad/embarrassed & stopped talking to him.) This year he looks at me a lot. I think he was dropping hints (cuts in front of me, sit next to me when we're w/ friends), & we talked a couple times. i thought he was trying to get my attention, but then he backed off. i talked to him thurs. (we were with a bunch of friends), then it seemed like fri. he was staring at me, but i'm not sure. i don't see him that often b/c he's always w/ his friends and now he's starting football so i wont see him after school or anything. so what do you think? and what should i do?

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  • 9 years ago
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    It sounds like he likes you, but only you can tell really. If you like him hang out with more.Maybe text him.

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