How do you split screen in sony vegas?

Hello everyone!

Im starting to do some game play videos, and so with this one I need some help.

You see, I got the normal video playing in the background, and I got another video that shows which gear I got, I want to make my video so The game play is playing on the background and my gear is playing in one corner.

Something like this




I know how to do the split screen, but I do not know how to just take one part of one screen and place it on the other one.

Could anyone link me to a video or tell me? I really need to know how.

Thanks :)

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    9 years ago
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    have one video in channel 1 and one in channel 2, right click on each video and select "event pan crop" and resize the box ;)

    holding shift or ctrl has varied results in aspect ratio while resizing

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