I think my family is abusive?

I have been under so much stress lately. It's starting to get out of hand and my family is causing it all. I notice it's mostly when my older brother, who is 23 (I'm 17), is here (He moved back in after college). He goes away for a couple days sometimes and the atmosphere is just so much better when he is gone. Anyways, little situations will happen where I'll tell him not to go in my room or something (for example) and then he'll literally just freak out and not stop talking to me or about me. He'll call me names, say I'm mean, blah blah blah. And it's not just like "stupid" or something. It's the "b" word, the "c" word (yeah!!), fat a**, etc. etc. JUST for not letting him in my room. But there's more! My mom likes to talk loud all the time and then I'll talk loud back and then she or me will start yelling back and forth and my brother freaks out about yelling (even though he yells all the time and just makes excuses).

But he'll go on a rampage and start threatening me (he's tall and has some muscles, it freaks me out) and he'll sometimes slap me, pin me down with his hand over my mouth really hard, and one time he gripped onto me really hard so I couldn't move and pinned me down on my bed, face first, and shoved my face into my blanket! I couldn't breathe for about 10 seconds while I was trying to kick him off of me. I'll sometimes have evidence of scratches, my lips bleeding, tons of bruises over me, etc. He'll try to say that I hurt him more because he has scratch marks that bleed on him, but I'm defending myself when I do that though! I scratch him when he pins me down because I know if I hit him, he'll hit me 10x harder and I'll die or something. But he'll say he was defending himself from my yelling??! He's hit me before and...yeah. My mom tries to deny what's going on and saying "he's never done that...blah blah bla" when she KNOWS he has because she is usually there watching it all happen! All she'll do is try to get him off me by saying "Come on, don't." or something. If I called the cops, they say they'll deny it all and mom will be on my brother's side. I can't stand this stress, I feel like I'm gonna get wrinkles when I'm 20 or that I'll get some mental disability from all this stress. Not to mention physically hurt by my brother. My mom is no better with her cutting me down. My brother calls me fat any chance he can (I'm 5'10 and I weigh 160 lbs.) Not to mention calling me a fake and saying I'm a hypocrite. I'm a dang good person, not smoking, drinking, or even cussing. It's getting so tiring. WHAT SHOULD I DO!??!

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    9 years ago
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    Call the cops first and explain what happened. If they didn't do anything, you have to get more evidence. When he's emotionally abusing you or threatening you, use a voice recorder or something to record what he said to you. It is a sign of a not healthy family. Record your mother's conversation too when you ask her why she didn't stop it when she is there. If she denys it, you clearly have the evidence that it did happen and your mother is trying to deny it.

    When he hurts you, write it down in your notebook. Write down the date, day, time and place when it happened, explain what happened in details like why and where he hurts you, what did you do to fight back. It may be not enough evidence that he's abusing you when you show the books to the cops but with your bruises, it will mostly convinced them to take actions about it.

    I hope this helps. Please be safe.

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    , I hope you are alright right now. I want you to think about what I say and and do what you need to do. FIRST GET TO A SCHOOL COUNSELOR OR THE NURSE.even a priest or doctor,teacher too.(or all of the above ) Make sure some one with some power knows whats going on - I know it is scary but the other side of scary could be worse. Take pictures of any injuries and let them see them so they know it's the truth. Don't engage in conversation or confront him while you are alone. Don't stay home alone with him if you can help it. If something dose happen call the cops no matter who is home. Most likely they will not take your brothers side, he is male, and bigger than you. even if nothing is done there will be a police record of it. they have got to make a report about every call they go on. You may hit a stupid cop once or twice but when the right one comes up you tell them your a minor being phyicaly abused and need some help you tell the cop all the people who know and have seen the damage you show photos and tell the other cops names and the dates they were called. I am sorry you are going through this I kind of know what it's like, My brother was 10 years older than me and could get like that. It turned out my brother was having medical problems. Please protect your self and take care of yourself tell every one you can.

  • 4 years ago

    Get a restrain order on the brother for threating your modern-day husbands life. Your ex's brother may be arrested for that & your modern-day husband is going to get bored to death with your ex's families behaviour & leave so which you greater advantageous call the police quickly. Get a restrain order on your ex's mom too or in case you already did & she shows up call the police they'll arrest her.Your ex is a mommy's boy and needs to advance up. i'm hoping he loses his little ones via fact he isn't an extremely good father determine in any respect. She needs to get a life. She is a liar & may be charged for mendacity approximately vandalized ingredients. call THE POLICE they supply the impact of being like a gaggle of psychological circumstances who belong in a well-being center. Get an lawyer & tell the courtroom each and every thing & tape each and every thing. i don't comprehend why you probably did not call the police the minute your husband replaced into threated. Your husband is likewise a jealous jerk because you're with somebody else & he basically has mommy with him.

  • 9 years ago

    It's abuse... either call the cops... report them and be moved into a different foster home, or wait just a few more years until your of age and then move out

    Source(s): i went through it
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    its abuse get the cops involved you shouldent be going threw this they are treating you bad move in with a nother family member or a friend get out of the situation

  • 9 years ago

    You need to call the police and tell them what your brother has been doing to you. You have to protect yourself since no one else is doing it. Try to find somewhere else to stay because your family is literally psychotic.

  • 9 years ago

    go live with ur boyfriend or a BFF house

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