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how to sleep when a mouse is in your room?

Im having the most important exams of my study. To study well i need to wake up early. But since there's a mouse in my room, which is eating my clothes as well as my books, sleeping is hard. I hear him eating from plastics all the time which wakes me up. Mouse trips work sometimes but i've runned out of them and the shops are closed for the next three days (fest). I really need my sleep in those three days, because im already behind with study. Help!!


I wish i could chase it but i have no idea where it is in my room, its very shy and hides somewhere.

Yeah, i am going to stay with my granny after3 days, but i need sleep in these 3 days ..

Update 2:

Im too poor for an exterminator.

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    yes get a exterminator or chase it around with a cage and catch it

    that is wat i did

  • 9 years ago

    Dont sleep in your room if thats where the mouse is. Try sleeping in the front room on the couch, or make a homemade mouse trap like this:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Edit: Or this trap:

    Youtube thumbnail


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    Either kill it, catch it, or move to a friend's house for the time being. Or maybe ou can get an exterminatior...

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    9 years ago

    kill it

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