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Chlorinated Cleaner to the face?

I work in the meat department of a supermarket and we use chlorinated cleaner to soap and then rinse the department down at the end of the day. Our hose sprayer has been randomly leaking and spraying content all over the place. The damaged sprayer started spraying from under the sprayer head and I got a blast of chlorinated cleaner to the face a few times today as a result. My job is fast paced and I'm constantly serving customers while I work so I had no time to rinse it off.

Later at the end of the day I noticed minor irritation on my cheeks where the chlorinated soap hit me. I went home and washed it off but it's still a little bit red. I don't think it's serious, but my question is, will that exposure to that chemical have any lasting effects on my skin's health? Has it damaged my skin in any way like causing premature aging or anything like that? How serious is exposure to chlorine based cleaners?

I applied aloe to it but I'm just concerned because I don't know what to expect from exposure to this chemical. There's a caption on the bottle that says to wash skin immediately if it comes in contact with it. I'm just a big hypochondriac about this sort of thing. Is it just a harmless irritation that will cause no long term problems?

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    i work at a meat department aswell, we use the same degreaser and sanitizer it sounds like, its likely a temporary thing, read the material safety data sheet or the bottle. It shouldn't cause long term issues or they wouldn't expect you to use it unprotected. If your really concerned go to the doctors

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