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How can I fuel a bunsen burner?

Ok, so I am setting up a home laboratory to aid in my schooling. The laboratory that I usually work in has gas valves in the walls, where you just plug and play, but I cant get anything like that. Can I buy disposable canisters of gas or something like you can for those portable gas stoves? What are some other alternatives? Thanks for your help

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    in case you warmth wood in a try tube, you could condense methanol. be careful, methanol is particularly poisonous and could make you pass blind if easily anybody concept they might drink it. that's notably elementary to make merely positioned some dry wood shavings in a try tube and warmth with a flame. I did this a a baby and that replaced right into some years in the past yet I do submit to in recommendations it making a liquid and it burned o.k.. you in addition to mght might desire to desire to attempt to squeeze some oil out of a few olives to make a lamp like the classic romans if i'm not incorrect.

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    If you really need a burner, science supply places sell burners that screw right on top of a can of gas --- probably propane or butane.

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    propane tanks

    a microwave is actually better in some cases, much faster (green chemistry)

    electric hot plate

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