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How many close people have you cut ties with?

BQ: Care to tell why?

I cut ties with four university friends, one close high school friend, one close buddy, one best friend, and one ex.

That's eight people.

Four university friends = they all went back to their home country

One close high school friend = my best friends cut ties with him so I did it too

Two close buddies = Mainly me, I don't hang out with her like I used to. The other one doesn't hang out with me anymore idk why.

One best friend = because of my ex

One ex = she broke my heart



my bad, its nine people, two close buddies (correction)

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    people i was close to? six.

    it's amazing you can go from being really close to practically strangers.

    BQ: not really -__-

    lol sorry...

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    Well, it's about three people.

    We were REALLY close buddies since I was a youngin(like 2 years old) and we recently(two years ago) started hanging out again. So we were like this tight knit group that went everywhere.

    Well, then my sister started dating one of the guys. the relationship ended quickly and we had to cut ties with them. Which makes me really sad, because her ex boyfriend was my best friend.

  • My family, 5 of them. 4 of my friends. Nine too :)


    Family - Well I don't feel comfortable around a few of them, for various reasons, and when I don't feel comfortable I leave. So yeah...

    Friends - One friend is a complete beotch now, and has completely changed. The other I never really liked. One is a complete air head, too lighthearted, has nothing underneath at all, she just lacks depth and maturity. The final one is really nice, but I've just changed so much and we don't see each other anymore, so there's nothing forcing us to socialize. We've never had much in common but our personalities always blended well making up for that.

    EDIT - Make that 11. My mothers nut case BF. I haven't spoken to him in years, and my father too.

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    I cut ties with a lot of my old friends. We were all addicted to drugs and when I finally got clean they criticized me for it. I cut ties with my mother because she's an alcoholic and couldn't take care of my sister, so now I take care of her. I've cut ties to so many people...

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    Don't really care...................... even If I distance from some people I still talk to them when I get the chance. It's not completely cutting ties but it's like maintaining threads. Nothing is free so I don't want to lose anything.

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    BQ: virgo sun, cappie moon. lied too much. was in a realtionship and was sexual towards me. at the time, I didn't know what was happening :\ (btw she's a long distance friend, so she was sexual by sending me messages) she didn't respect boundaries when I was in a relationship, and I was too much of a wuss then. -__- I transformed since then

    taurus sun, gemini moon. didn't appreciate me. I was there for her alot, but then it started to feel like it was all about her. and when I mean ego, HUGE EGO. she's smart, but she didn't really symathize with my feelings. I told her about this, but she got offended. couldn't work on anything constructive.

    cappie sun, scorpio moon. tested me ALOT. put me through bunch of hurdles and tests, but I stayed anyway. :\ in the end, perhaps she didn't care enough for my feelings. maybe we lacked a balance in the relationship. I tried to talk to her about good relationship values, but she was closed off with her feelings. communication sucked.

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    everyone that i became close to.

    BQ: bc i'm a dick and i am nice, a combination of toxicity if you can understand.

    "my momma told me, you being a visionary is both your curse and your blessing. she said you are going to be blessed with visions that regular people ain't going to see, so that's what's going to make you be alone.."

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    I always cut ties with people idk why I just love pushing idiots out of my life and embracing new people. Recently I cut off about 40 people :) feels great honestly

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