Why does this cute guy stare at me?

Ok i know there are a wholee lot of stupid questions like these on yahoo but im sorry I really want to know some opinions on this. So anyway when I first met him he didn't seem really interested in me cause my friend and him already knew each other and they were talking and like when she turned around he checked out her butt. The next time I noticed him was in my gym class like a whole semester later and he kept looking at me and then one day when I was sitting out (because I didn't feel like changing since I was wearing a really complicated outfit with a skirt lol) he came over and sat in between me and this girl I was talking to that he just happen to already know too. Then the next day or something he was talking to the same girl in line with me and then out of no where he put his face really close to me. I had to switch classes and now I see him in the hallway and he constantly stares at me. What does it mean?

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  • 9 years ago
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    he likes you. He probably wants to have sex with you

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