Is Iphone 4 White 16gb a good buy for $350 ?

I am about to meet this guy from craigslist tommorow. He sounded legit. He said he'll find a earphone and an original box for also..

But Is this a good price? I don't have ATT or Verizon. I know I can still get it working on my tmobile .

I never had an Iphone Before. What should I be mainly looking for when I meet him up tommorow ?

I appreciate your help ?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I DON'T THINK SO. My bro bought a used black iPhone 4 from a guy on craigslist 10 MONTHS ago, included box, manual, charger, it's look branch new, no scratches, haven't been jailbreak, for $375.

    At that time, the iPhone 4S haven't came out. Considered it have been 10 months, and the iPhone 4S have came out, the price for iphone 4 should be even lower.

    Consider the iPhone is white, I would give it about $40 more. My bro's iPhone was ATT version and he have to unlocked it using Gevey Sim in order to use with T-mobile. If the phone you are buying is a "Factory Unlocked" phone from Apple, then I would buy it for $250 at most. (Remember: 1. FACTORY UNLOCKED (not locked ATT/Verizon version), 2. White color, 3. No scratches, 4. included charger with box).

    not Factory unlocked? then $100-150

    Small tiny Scratches? then $150

    If he say no, then forget it.

    YOU KNOW... Google just drop the top Android smartphone Galaxy Nexus few days ago, to $400, branch new, no contract. if you are paying for 2 years old iPhone $350, instead of a new phone that better than the iPhone 4S for only $400, you must be really really dumb... (I'm sorry)

    Source(s): I'm not Android fanboy just because of my last sentence I have Macbook pro, new iPad, and iPhone 4S. because I'm very satisfy with Apple quality product and customer service compare to any other companies in the world. EDIT: the reason why I didn't sell my iPhone 4S for $450 to buy Galaxy Nexus is because I spend over $200 on app store purchases, and there're tons of apps on my iPhone that Google Play market doesn't have. (that's right if i'm going to sell it right now, it going to be $450, it's look like new iphone only with a little tiny scratch on the side, white, Factory unlocked, still have box, charger, headphones which I don't even used..., bought it for $700 included tax, because I'm not a riff off seller, I bought it 5 months ago.)
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I got the iPhone 4 when it first came out! And mine all together was 600 dollars!

    Source(s): um.. me?
  • 9 years ago

    No. My bro just bought one for $30. You can find deals online. I'd shop around if I were you.

    How do you KNOW you can get it working on your tMobile contract?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Buy it. It's good and it has good memory te headphones and box doesn't matter as long as its in a good codition

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