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Is this a good Burn deck?

Can anyone help me adjusting this burn deck?


3x Nurse ReFicule the Fallen One

3x Solar Flare Dragon

2x Volcanic Slicer

2x Bowganian

3x Stealth Bird

2x Des Koala

1x Princess of Tsurugi

2x Marshmallon

3x Spirit Reaper


2x Wave-Motion Cannon

2x Poison of the Old Man

3x Ookazi

2x Swords of Revealing Light

2x Level Limit - Area B

1x Scapegoat


2x Bad Reaction to Simochi

3x Gift Card

2x Just Desserts

1x Ceasefire

2x Secret Barrel

2x Magic Cylinder

2x Dimension Wall

2x Gravity Bind

1x Waboku

1x Threatening Roar

2x Negate Attack

2x Nightmare Wheel

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    no man, (seeing cards like bowganian etc), i guess chain burn is better

    ^^ also saying, just saying, u should try using some awesome fighting decks instead of these cheap *** trick :D just a suggestion from ur neighbour

    Source(s): ur friendly neighbourhood spiderman;)
  • 4 years ago

    i pick swarm however ive thot approximately gambling round with zombie burn... the major combinations with zombie burn are your traditional burn techniques with the addition of zombie sizeable and malevolent mech goku en + creature supply them the monster, it dies and so they get the harm

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