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Birth Control Question..need advice please.?

I stopped taking birth control when i got my period (i was halfway finished with the last row of sugar pills). Does that mean I will get another period soon? I just stopped last week. What will happen next?

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    no it means you will just have a normal period. Depending on how long you have been on the pill it will normalise. The longer you have taken them then you may find you have a few cycles that go wrong. The sugar pills have no effect on your hormones, that is why they are 'sugar pills'. Until you are sure of what is happening use condoms for sex.

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    It depends on how long you have been taking birth control prior to when you have stopped.

    Did you take birth control months before?

    If so, then it may be a few months.

    If not, it may take awhile to make your periods more spaced apart.

    Otherwise, it depends on the brand you take.

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    It can take a few month to get back to your own hormone routine.

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