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My questions aren't posting?


theres no links or offensive language

i tried contacting yahoo but i got nothing


ohhh you helped a lot thank you so much

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  • Ariana
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    9 years ago
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    Questions go through an automatic filtering process. Offensive language isn't the only thing that could potentially get caught by the filter. But since you haven't given much information here, there's not much anyone can tell you.

    This automatic filter picks up certain words or phrases (or combinations of words) that may be considered violations (even if they're not), so the filter automatically delays the posting of some questions -- then they are often deleted afterward. You may want to try rewording your questions slightly. For example, avoid asking questions like "Do YOU think..." or anything with personal pronouns, as those could be considered 'chatting'.

    Try putting some dots "....." in the additional details of the question; this can sometimes bump it back onto the open questions list.

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