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Is this okay to wear to a quincenera party?

I was just invited to my friends quincenera party and i also bought a dress ,but im not sure if it is appropriate. Its a black floor-length sequenced dress with straps and it really really sparkly. I love it !! Another thing to worry about is that shes holding the party in the san diego safari zoo ,but i think we will be going somewhere else afterwards.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Just the fact alone that you love the dress makes it a great pick for the party. The most important thing a good dress should do for you is make you feel great. I think it sounds perfect for a party. Black is dressy and elegant, floor-length is sophisticated, and sequins are fun. Parties are opportunities to wear something a little different then we might wear in our day-to-day lives. I say wear the dress, rock it, and have fun!

    Regarding the zoo, the venue shouldn't matter. I'm sure many people hold formal events there. It will just be a cool backdrop for your sparkly look. If you're worried about going somewhere else afterwards, just bring along a cute outfit to change it.

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