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Am i pregnant?............................................?

I was just doing what i normaly do, go to school, go home, all that fun stuff. but I wasn't feeling well one day. So i told my boyfriend what all was wrong. and he asked me what all was wrong. and he thinks i'm pregnant. I took a pregnancy test, but it could have been too early because i haven't had my period yet and haven't missed it yet.

The things i have, is cramps, and i have terrable headaches. When i eat, i get all sick to my stomach and than i get shakey and very uncomfterble. So i go to the bathroom, and i have to poop, but its very little bit and its kinda like diareaha.

I havent been eating much for the past few days. It hurts to. I kept thinking "well. since i know most the side effefects, im prolly just making it seem like i have them." as in a hypocondriact. and so i took a pregnancy test. it was negative. I kinda ignored it for a day, but the pain was back. and its like on the lower back, under my tummy and the sides or my tummy and my back. I have been with my boyfriend since 6th grade. It has been on and off, but thats all my faults.. I'm sixteen. He just turned 17. I will turn 17 in October. I would never have an abortion. and i love my boyfriend with all my heart and life. If i was pregnant, i would deffinatly have his child.. but the weird thing is we do have sex, but we use condoms and he pulls out. so theirs no way im pregnant.. but there could have been precum? because he did put his "thing" inside me a few times to see the difference with and without a condom. but he never cumed. but he could have precumed? he said he doesnt know if and when he does.

Please share your comments and such(: but please don't preach to me about being "to young for sex" i waiting till i was 16 to have sex. and its not like ihave with may guys. only my boyfriend. he was my first and i was his first we are eachothers only.

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I have also been burping a lot. That was the first thing that made me think. First it was like, not really a burp, because it didnt make noise, nut it was just like air just flowing up lol. haha. that, and cramps under my belly. Today i had to pee, and when i was in there i was in sooo much pain in my belly. so i thought i had to poop again, but this time i had to force it out. The last time i had my period it was really late. by like a week. and now i have to wait a week or so till my period comes, or is supose to.

My boyfriend came to my house May 30th, and left April 13th. So sometime in then i must have gotton "pregnant" ?

My last period was April 6th. It should have came March 29th or 30th. but it came the sixth.

I should be getting my period in the next day or two. Unless its late again.

My periods have not been late like this before, but last summer, a condom broke, and i took a Plan B pill. it messed with my period. but it hasn't been late like this. it just kinda made it 2 days off.

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    I'm going to contradict the first answer, because I just recently read an article that showed that there hasn't really been any reliable research done on the "withdrawal" method of contraception. A review of past studies that have included it has determined that most of the study participants didn't really consider it a form of birth control at all, so just didn't mention it, but if they were asked specifically about it, the rates of reports on using "withdrawal" went up dramatically. The rates of pregnancy were just a little bit more than the pregnancy rate when using a condom. The idea that there is sperm in the pre-ejaculate is more theoretical than proven.

    How long is your cycle? Most women have cycles of about 28 days, though the range can be from 21 days to 35 days, and perhaps beyond. If your cycle *usually* is about 28 days, and last month it was late by a week and you started April 6, then this next month you shouldn't start until somewhere around May 3. If your cycle is usually shorter, then you may actually be late; but basically your cycle resets every month, so it's not like this month you'll have a 3-week cycle because last month you had a 5-week cycle. It doesn't work that way. If you usually have a 28-day (4-week) cycle, and last month it stretched to 5 weeks, then this month it should be back to 4 weeks.

    Pregnancy tests work by measuring the amount of hCG (the pregnancy hormone) in your urine. Regular ones won't return a positive until your levels are about what they'd be two weeks after conception, normally the day you miss your period. [However, when I got pregnant with my first baby, I didn't get a strong positive until nearly a week went by.] If you use an "early" pregnancy test, it's more sensitive, so can detect lower levels of hCG, so can return a positive earlier than regular tests.

    Unless you ovulated really early in your cycle this month, you're probably wasting your money getting a regular pregnancy test, though an early test *might* return a positive if you're pregnant. If you still haven't started by this time next week, then get a pregnancy test and it will probably be accurate; but now, it's still just too early to know. You *could* be pregnant, but it's still pretty early for any onset of pregnancy symptoms, so your abdominal symptoms you've related may point to pregnancy, or it may be something completely unrelated.

    I'd further suggest that you get the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility", so that you will understand your body and your cycle better, and help you naturally prevent pregnancy.

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    You should be put on birth control pill as a back up plan to condoms! You can deff get pregnant from precum because the pull out method is not reliable. If you aren't pregnant this time get on bc right away to avoid these scares.. You are deff having some symptoms but seriously be more careful. I'm not saying you're to young to have sex but you're to young for babies! Good luck!

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