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which is better for a 55 gallon reef tank lighting system?

im starting a reef tank this summer and im just looking at my options so im aiming for medium lighting in the tank so im just wondering if i should get a aqueon dual lamp T5 light fixture across the entire tank and directly on top. or should i get a marineland single bright LED lighting system 4in above the top of tank but goes all the way across so im just wondering which would be better for a 55 gallon reef tank

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    A dual lamp t5 isn't going to be enough for a reef tank. You are going to want 6 to 8 bulbs that span the whole length of the tank. I'm not familiar with the led light your asking about. But If the price is comperable to the t5 your lookig at then it won't be enough either. Led are abou 2 to 3 times the price of t5.

  • 9 years ago

    I would definetly reccomend LED lighting! It is really bright and a lot clearer than other kinds

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