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Grieving.. what do I do?

I went from being completely tired and being in bed all day today and sleeping most of the day and I only ate 3 granola bars the whole day and now.. it's like I'm ignoring that my dad even died and I can't sleep.. and I just keep thinking he's not dead and he'll be home and I should make him his favorite food, but my mind knows too that I'm lying to myself.. I feel nothing right now.. I keep wanting to cut, but I know it's not the right thing to do, but part of me doesn't care and I don't know what to do .. Im so afraid to go to the funeral tomorrow.. I can't do this.. I just what do I do?

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  • 9 years ago

    death of a loved one SUCKS. there's nothing easy about it. there's no right or wrong way to deal. we all have to go through it at one point. i lost my grandma when i was 8. we were really close so i know how you feel. just remember the good times, that could make you sad but remember he's in a better place and at peace. that's the best you could. just think that he'd want you to be strong & hold on. don't cut. you'll become addicted & that's one more problem you don't need. you CAN do it, i promise you. you're a lot stronger than you think.

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