Trouble with my one year old?

My one year old sleeps in a toddler bed. Since he was about 3 months old hes fallen asleep in his crib/ bed just fine with a bottle of formula/ milk and a binki waiting by his right ear. He needs me to give him his bottle, binki, turn on his fan and off th light. Thats it.

I should be happy I have such a self suficiant baby when it comes to bed time, but im not exactly ecstatic.

For about two weeks now I've tried to make a longer bed time routine where I'm more involved. Here is what Ive had in mind:

After diner, play in his room with him until about 8pm. Then, change him into pjs, and pick up toys. Then, read to him while he lays or sits in bed. Finally, give him his regular bourke and binki and let him fall asleep alone as normal.

Th reading is where th trouble starts. He will not sit still while I read! He either tries to stand on his bed which he knows is a no-no or he tries to get out of bed. I then, tell him no in a "mean tone" and smack his hand or butt. (this process works great all day. Most time we dont even make it to th spanking part, but when we do it's NEVER enough to hurt him. I think it scares our hurts his feelings. He cries sometimes when I tell him no too ]: ....) However, when I spank him at bed time he laughs. I try to say "mommy isn't playing a game. You bed to lay down." Most nights I get so frustrated I can't even make it through a whole page. I give him his bottle and leave him to fall asleep on his own..

I want to read to him to bond, sooth him and create an early love for learning. We dont have enough tone in our busy day to read any other time.- it's now or never...

My question is: how do I get my baby to settle down enough to listen to me read?! I do bit want answers that say "theres nothing you can do. Try reading to him at dinner." No, this is th time reading could fit into our schedule- And reading bed time stories is not some crazy idea! Most parents do it with out issues.

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    9 years ago
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    I wanted to do the same thing. I got a great story book for my son for his first birthday, and that night I put him on my lap and tried to read to him... oh what a disaster that was! He did not want to sit still, and had absolutely no interest in the story. I could get him to sit and be interested in the book for about 1 minute if it was a touch and feel book, but that was it. I started just reading aloud to him while he played, before I put him in bed. I don't know if he listened, but I figure it's good for him anyways. Now that he's 2 and a half, finally I can sit with him and read to him, and he'll stay interested for a few pages at least, then he usually gets up and grabs another book and has me read a few pages of that one. It has been a long time coming, but I love story time now. With some kids it just takes time, they're just not ready to sit still at one year old.

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    9 years ago

    Ok, You are a good mom, but remember, he has more energy than you. You remember me my skills too. Your son knows when it's really a problem because he know when something bad has happen, the ambient changes, like when something suddenly drops or unexpected sound happens. He would laugh because he knows you are spanking him as a correction method, not as a unwanted behavior has occur.

    Also baby's around 1 year and 21 months... like a lot to have magazines, new ones and oldones for just one thing... pulling away all those nice pages.. ;) There's some good one like the national geographic, specially center fold or maps, their eyes shines incredibly, because the page it's bigger.

    Don't confuse when you said to him "mommy isn't playing a game. You bed to lay down.", he knows mommy it not playing But he wants too, there it comes the energy part of the picture along with the stamina.

    Also, don't compare your child with anyone else, he it's unique, he could be like another child, another child could look like him, But he Its UNIQUE.

    As you try to make a longer schedule for him to sleep, it would take time for him and for you get to used, remember he could recover faster than you, thats all, besides he likes to be with you, I'm sure and you know, he doesn't know what happens in life as you do.

    Also, check around the first month, the second one, he sleep more in those days... now it's different, Remember he would be around with the help of God around 20 years or so.

    Enjoy because your child it's unique, so do you, and the today it's a day that would never returns :)

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    My son is 14 months. His bed routine is way different then his sisters (now 10) at his age. She would sit through a million books. I'm lucky to get him through one and definitely not at bed time. In your new routine you want to play in his room after dinner till 8 read then. He doesn't have to look at the pictures if he doesn't want to. Read while he is playing. Once he shows an interest move it closer to bed. Maybe read before his pjs then after some time move it to after his pjs while he drinks his bottle. At some point you are going to have to stop him from drinking a bottle to fall asleep so replacing that with reading would be great. Kids adjust quicker then we do. Make reading fun but not put pressure on it. Allow him to see you reading and he will be more likely to want to read too. They mimic everything we do. Hope it helps. Some kids just aren't into books and that's ok too.

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    You are changing his routine, therefore it is going to be a struggle for a little while. First, make sure his books are age appropriate and he is enjoying them. Toddlers have very little attention spans, and a book with more than five or six pages is alot for a one year old. Sit him down with you,and when he gets up set him back down. Allow this to happen twice, and the second time tell him if he gets up again, reading is over. You may be upset you didn't get to read to him, but he needs to understand you mean business. When you put the book away, tell him ok bed time, put him in bed, kiss him and leave. Honestly, if your so worried about reading to him, than make time in your day to read. Even if your reading the box of food your about to prepare, your still reading to him. I know everyone is busy, but if your really that concerned with nurturing your child, then find time. Even if you have to get up twenty minuets early everyday to spend time with him.

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  • 9 years ago

    How about reading to him with him in your lap? Or you could lay in bed with him.

    I have to say it sounds like you spank a lot, I would think of some other forms of discipline to help offset that.

    My guys don't lay down when I read to them. They are 2 years old and generally sit or stand in their crib when I read. But they pay attention to the book, and lay down to be tucked in after, so I don't see the problem. Not laying down during storytime doesn't sound like something that deserves a spanking, and I'm not sure that is a good way to send them off to slumberland.

    I really wouldn't force this laying down while I read to you rule, esp. not with a spanking, you are likely to make him hate books because he will associate them with spankings.

    Some days my guys don't want to be read to, and then we keep it very very short. They each get a book, but the very short books are just a nursery rhyme each.

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    Yes, it's good to read to your child at bedtime. But not if it results in arguments and hitting, for crying out loud! Your son is too young and not interested in the books yet. It's not going to doom his education if you hold off for a while.

    And please stop hitting him. There's a lot of evidence that kids who are hit as children grow up to be violent, and new evidence that they are not as smart and don't do as well in school.

  • Hold him on your lap and cuddle with him while you read.

    Also look for interactive books. There are larger board book with somehting on every page for him to touch and feel.

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