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an over asked question on Suicide (repost)?

so.. iam a regular... sort of, i dont know whatever normal is these days, iam not that anyway, and whatever "weird" is these days iam not that i guess.. iam me.. iam not mentally ill people could maybe say i am, but who would they be to question my "sanity" without first questioning their own and what sanity even means to them

iam 17, 18 in july, and ive always had this back up plan since i was 12, and it was to kill myself.

people might bring religion into this but religion didnt talk much about how theres billions of planets out there and how small we actually are... theres a higher power of some sort, but not what people want or like to think.. anyway enough about that :)

so i just realised my plan of hanging myself, would probally suck..

first its highly unpredictable... i might be there for hours or ages atleast instead of just dieing from

no air or a quick snap.

taking pills and overdoseing.. if i didnt do it right then i would be left really messed up maybe so bad

i wouldnt be physically able to try and kill myself again.

then theres jumping.... again... chance of survival is still there, unless i jumped from a flat or skyscraper.

iam stuck.

the reason why iam calm about this topic and treating it like an everyday thing.. is because its an every minute thing and for the last number of years ive been playing it in my mind.


everyone has reasons

being too scared to handle life and its "objects"

being "crazy"

or whatever man

but i decided..

so all i need is a quick answer on what might be a good way to go.

if your going to leave a lame answer then dont bother commenting, but anyone who does actually

answer this for me then thanks alot!

if you want to mail me personally then go for it, this isnt a joke or an attention over the internet thing,

i just need an answer from an outside perspective

thanks again <

give my question a try, sorry its a bit long i wanted to try and cover a few things.

this is a repost


can anyone hit the question straight up?

i dont know you so i wont be offended or anything if you dont give me the whole sympathetic thing lol

i really dont want that

go for the question!


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    I don't really understand what your question is. Are you wondering why? If so, try weighing out you alternative options. You did not mention a therapist, so maybe try there. That doesn't always work for everyone though, so maybe try finding a hobby. I am fourteen and have been considering suicide for a majority of my life. I ended up admitting myself to a mental hospital after my fifth attempt. While I was there, I met people going through the same **** I was. There was group therapy, family therapy, and private therapy available. It really helped me, so maybe some time in a place like that would help. If you aren't looking for help, let me remind you of some things. Overdosing, hanging, and jumping may kill you but if they don't they will leave you with other problems. Be careful.

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    according to bible you live once, die, and go either to hell or heaven. if bible is correct, you waisted your life hoping that reincarnation is true, no? bible also says that: rapture is fake. suicide, blasphemy, worship of antichrist (pale jew with red eyes, who moves like superman and makes fire come down from the sky), receiving mark of the beast (rfid chip-small grey world passport-electronic tattoo-666 tattoo by lasers), and going into ufo ship (aliens=ghosts=demons) lead to hell. britain will be flooded. china will attack russia. muslims will win war against jews. baltic states coast will be flooded. 80 foot dinosaurs (maneaters) will come out through lakes and sinkholes.

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    suicide is never the answer. whatever happens in life, you'll get through it. we all have obstacles & hard stuff to handle but you gotta take it. suicide won't make anything easier, i can promise you that. stay alive, you're worth it.

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