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girl doesnt know if she likes me or will like me?

So heres the story. About 3 months ago I told this girl that I liked her and would like to date her, she told me that she was not ready for a relationship currently as she was getting over an ex who had recently broken up with her. There is also another guy who was vying for her affection along with me. About a month later everything was going great until one night, after we had a drunken fling, she became upset and didnt talk to me for half a week. She told me that I had lost her trust, and that she was starting to really like me before the whole interaction and that everything would take alot of time to heal and she was unsure whether or not she'd be able to resurface those feelings, but stating that she knew I didnt mean to hurt her. This other guy then refused to talk to me anymore, seeing that we were both friends before the incident, and was being very protective her: i.e. he didnt want her to be friends with me anymore and got mad at her if he found out she was talking to me, even though they are just friends. Fast forward to now: She trusts me again, not as much as she did before the incident however; the guy still wont talk to me and still gets mad at her if he finds out shes hanging out with me despite previous attempts to calm him down about the situation, and shes afraid of him but only when he's mad but theyre still good friends and she doesnt want to upset him. Thus since she doesnt want him getting mad at her, we rarely hang out or talk other than in large groups or texting, and she's still unsure about whether or not she'll like me in that same way again, as well as the fact that she hates talking about our whole situation. It is worth noting however that she tells me she wishes we could hang out more, yet she has made very few attempts to try and hang out with me, most attempts come from me and more than half the time get rejected. I really like this girl, but I dont know if I should give up completely, or look other places while still trying to improve my relationship with her. Thoughts?

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    Move on. She's just not that into you...

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