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Today's generation along with future intellect?

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My name is Tyera, I am 13; moreover, I am extremely interested in your opinions as a collective whole. I have my personal opinion, which is expected, but I would appreciate not to bring it up in this question. I have heard a lot, and yes I do mean a lot, of people talking about how terrible today's generation is becoming. Why is this so? I do NOT want obvious reasons, besides I would like some indepth responses that can be discussed. Is it a giant comparison?

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    Every generation has said this about future generations. The old generation was always harder than the next generation. But if you look at the direction the world (or atleast America) is going in. I would say we are getting better and better. Look at America 200 years ago, and look at it today. We have made vast improvements in so many different spheres of life. It always worries people when they look at young people today. How they act, and dress, the music that they listen too, etc. But the beauty of young people is that they grow up.

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