Is this sexual assault?? ?

Last night I had a lot to drink with two of my friends, one male, one female, which I know both, because I had had so much to drink we decided we'd have a sleep in my car and we would drive home in the morning, the male is a friend of mine and had been buying me drinks throughout the night!! Please note he is NOT a stranger I know this man. When I got into my car with my girl friend asleep in the back I put a cover Over me and went to sleep, ( my male friend was in the passenger seat and I was in the drivers seat) once I fell asleep I do not remember anything after that, other than waking up in the morning to find my leggings and underwear down. I freaked out and it woke my male friend up to which he jumped out the car and ran away, I noticed I had blood down there. When I got home I recieved a Facebook message from my male friend stating he was really sorry and promised me nothing had happened to which I replyed y was my leggings down then? He replyed wondering hands a swear nothing happened ;). In which I replyed I was asleep! Since then I have heard nothing from him. Is this classed as sexual assault of someone touched your vaginal area while u were sleeping? I also want to state that I came off my period earlier this week but don't understand why I would of been bleeding this morning. Plz help I dont know what to do, why didn't I wake up and feel him taking my underwear and leggings down? Surely that should of woke me up? Would I class this as a sexual assault?? Plz help

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  • 9 years ago

    Go to the hospital and get a rape test done. They will be able to tell (even if it wasn't rape it's still better to be certain). It sounds like sexual assault and I'm most certain it is. Tell someone! He could be doing this to other girls too!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes it is and you might have blaked out like me so that would have caused you to forget or stay asleep im really sorry for what happen

  • b
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    Yes it is, if he has sex with you/touched you in a sexual way while you were asleep (not able to consent) that is considered rape.

  • call the po po

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