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Don't know what Nvidia Drivers to install.?

Ok, so I uninstalled my Nvidia drivers and I want to know re-install them, how do I know which ones to download? I made the mistake of not checking to see what I did have before My computer HP Pavilion Elite e9120y.


Damn, it messed up my post. What I said was that I forgot to check the drivers before uninstalling them.

Update 2:

Graphics Card is ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 series. It is not listed in the Nvidia site when I tried to find out what drivers I needed.

Update 3:

Do I even need Nvidia drivers with this ATI card?

Update 4:

The auto scan function on Nvidia did not work after trying several times. It never comes up with anything.

Update 5:

I did not uninstall any AMD drivers, only Nvidia. Since apparently you don't need Nvidia drivers if you have an AMD graphics card. I must just have had old Nvidia ones still on here. (I'm horrible with computers so I didn't know.) I suppose I no longer have an issue anymore since I don't need Nvidia drivers anyways.

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