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Why do I have Ischemic Colitis at age 22?

I was diagnosed with Ischemic Colitis one year ago. I had out of nowhere intense cramps, major sweating, turning super pale and bloody stool and sometimes only blood. I seriously thought I was going to black out and die. I went to a GI Dr who did a colonoscopy and confirmed it was Ischemic Colitis. He sent me to a hematologist and cardiologist since usually Ischemic Colitis is caused by an underlying problem such as a heart problem, cancer or blood clotting. My tests came back fine. Due to not being able to afford more testing and being frustrated with no answers, I quit going to the Dr's. Almost exactly one year later, April 2012 I had another 'episode' ..this time I was sound asleep only to be awoken by terrible pain and having the same 'episode' as a year ago. I went back to GI Dr, he confirmed again by colonoscopy its Ischemic Colitis in the same place...had the same testing far test are coming back fine..this is good but also not good because I need answers. My Dr told me I can not quit getting testing done because Ischemic Colitis can be deadly. I understand that but I am getting in serious medical debt and I'm still NOT getting answers. I'm so young and Dr's are puzzled that I have it bc of my age. I'm scared that if I have another 'episode' I could die because they made it clear that my blood supply to my small intestine can be cut off & kill me...sheesh. I really need Dr. House and need some answers as to what my underlying problem so it can be fixed.

If you have Ischemic Colitis please share your experience with me.

Does anyone have Ischemic Colitis at such a young age and if so, what did your Dr do about it and what is your underlying problem that caused you to have it?

Let me also add that I do not smoke, I only drink on occasion, I'm not on birth control, I do not take any pills other than a daily vitamin. I say this so those of you replying don't have to ask.

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    Ischemic colitis involves inadequate blood supply reaching your colon. In acute cases, the most frequent cause is blood clots in the arteries supplying blood to your colon.

    In some people, ischemic colitis may be caused by or related to other medical conditions, including:

    -Inflammation of the blood vessels

    -Protrusion of an organ or tissue into the surrounding tissue (hernia), interfering with the blood supply to the intestine

    -Elevated sugar levels in the blood (diabetes)

    -Easy blood clotting

    -Radiation treatment to the abdomen

    -Colon cancer

    -Infections, such as shigella, Escherichia coli


    Since the cause of ischemic colitis isn't always clear, there's no definitive way to prevent the disorder.

    -Avoid a medication that may have caused ischemic colitis in the past.

    -Avoid fatty,spicy foods

    -Drink water adequately

    -Probiotics can be of help

    -Avoid emotional stress

    -Exercise regularly

    Source(s): My medical studies and practice
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