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Can Sugar Maples Self Pollinate?

Yeah, I was just wondering. Can Sugar Maples Self Pollinate? Meaning can they have both male and female flowers on the same tree? I was reading from this side "http://bioweb.uwlax.edu/bio203/2010/schoenfu_aman/... that they do and was wondering if that is accurate.

So, if the tree self pollinates and creates those little samara's will the seedlings be a clone of the parent tree? Please let me know. Thanks.

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    "doesn't mean there won't be a bee around with pollen from another tree"

    There are 2 types of pollinators; wind blown and insect.

    The typical pollinator most people are familiar with are the insect pollinators. These plants need an insect (not always a bee) to carry the pollen from one flower to another.

    The other type is wind blown. These plants release huge amounts of pollen because it's a "shotgun" approach. Some of the pollen will land on another flower and pollinate. When you see lots of greenish yellowish dust on your car in the morning, it's wind blown pollen. Maple trees (and oaks) are wind blown self pollinators. You will not get a red maple crossing with a silver, etc.

    There are also self pollinators and cross pollinators. Self pollinators can pollinate with pollen from the same variety of plant while cross pollinators require pollen from a different variety. Apples are both self pollinators and cross pollinators depending on the variety. Self pollinators will cross pollinate if there is another variety near-by.


    " will the seedlings be a clone of the parent tree?"

    Essentially, yes. But I'm not sure the scientific community would classify it as a true clone since it was from the natural pollination process. There may be some small variations popping up over the centuries; that's how trees diverged into what we have today. But many trees are essentially clones. True clones would be graftings. Most apple (fruit) trees are grafts of the parent tree onto a root stock of a hardy common variety.

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    of course it's accurate... it's an educational site!!!.... but... just because they CAN self pollinate, doesn't mean there won't be a bee around with pollen from another tree... so no, the seedlings will not be a 'clone'... a clone would have to be from a cutting of the tree, not seeds.....

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