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What if the .U.S. would have intervened during the Suez Crisis & Sinai Cmapaign for the UK's & Israel's sake?

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    Short term, there may have been benefits for the west but longterm it would've been a terrible mistake. Sure, at first, US pressure on Israel, France and the UK saved Nasser and led to greater soviet influence in Egypt. But not many years later, in 1974, Egypt essentially dumped russia and turned to the US. The goodwill earned in '56 payed off after the '73 war. The result has been an excellent US-Egypt relationship for 4 decades. Had the US sided with Israel and the european attackers, the arabs would've hated us a lot more; there probably would've been constant 9/11s, oil embargoes and a Mideast Vietnam long before iraq and afghanistan, and a lot worse.

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    The US did intervene in the Suez Canal Crisis. This was an Israeli-French-British plot to seize control of the canal. Eisenhower told them to back off and they did. Present day Egyptians and Muslims can't seem to remember this.

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