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Do you think i'm pregnant?

I'm 18 years old and on the 15th I had sex with my not so boy friend, unprotected and i'm not on any birth control right now.. Stupid i know... But anyway, i had some brownish discharge/ spotting like 3 or 4 days ago and i actually had to wear a tampon, so i thought that was weird.. Then i've been tired, dizzy and irritable lately and I just kind of put everything together and got early pregnancy symptoms. I think it's too early to test so therefor i am on here just trying to get some piece of mind. Please be HONEST and tell me what YOU think.

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    Maybe you are pregnant , i think u should immediately have some pill, the one which can be taken within 45 days of intercourse!

  • -You can get pregnant any time you have sex. It does not matter if it is your first time, 967th time, you used protection, your not ovulating, or if he didn't *** inside of you. The chances are slim, but you can still get pregnant!

    - Do not keep condoms in your wallet, or anyplace hot or where they will be jumbled around alot. This decreases their lifespan to 2 weeks, and means there are much higher chances of them breaking.

    -Do not have unprotected sex. Even if its only one time, you can still get pregnant! Man up, and go buy some freaking condoms. They're 25 cents, which is a lot less than a baby will cost you.

    - You do not need to ask your parents to get you birth control. You can go to a health clinic or the doctors, and pay for it yourself. Again, a lot cheaper than a baby,

    -Using condoms and birth control is the most affective way to protect against pregnancy and STI's.

    - Don't use 2 condoms. This will not double the protection. It actually means the condoms are more likely to break because of the friction between them.

    -And lastly, we do not know if your pregnant! Wait a few weeks, and take a pregnancy test!

    For the love of god, buy a fcking box of condoms and stop asking teenagers if you are pregnant. WE DON'T KNOW

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    The brownish discharge you had, was it accompanied by any cramping? You MIGHT be just paranoid, but you may want to take a pregnancy test (a drug store one is fine) just in case. No it is not too early to test. Take two if it will make you feel better. If you can get to the doctor, I suggest you do. I know it's hard to do but relax your mind and stop freaking out. That can make your body do weird things!

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    I'm not a pregnancy test.

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    I think you should start going to school

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