Title is salvaged, how can i get it back? answer asap?

i found a car on craigslist that was in a rear end accident. it literally isnt even in bad shape so dont really know why the guys insurance salvaged the title. if i were to buy it how could i get a clean title for it? hes asking 1300 for a 96 integra vtec really nice car i would love to have it.

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  • 9 years ago
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    A Car is marked as Salvage if because of the actual value of the car it would cost more than what it is worth to fix it. You can purchase a wrecked car, but you need to check with your State as far as the repairs and inspections that you must do in order to license it again. Also you will need to keep all receipts of all parts and work that is performed on the vehicle to return it to Safe road worthy condition. After you spend all of the money on parts and repairs, then you will have to take it to a State Inspection Center, usually the Highway Patrol of your State and they will do an extremely thorough inspection of the vehicle and all safety features. Brakes, Lights, everything.

    I have attached the Link for the State of California on Re-registering Salvaged Vehicles, and your State will have roughly the same requirements. You need to check with your State, but in reading California's you will see all of the hoops that they make you jump through.

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    9 years ago

    Usually, once a car has a Salvage title, you can't get a "clean" one. They do that to prevent fraud, the problem is that many nice cars, like the one you are looking at, get junked.

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