Being a heavyweight must be quite frustrating because of the Klitscko brothers?

I am watching Chazz Weatherspoon and Seth Mitchell right now and it is very evident that neither of these guys would stand a ghost of a chance if they were in the ring with either champ.

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    9 years ago
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    Not really because all these heavyweights wouldn't be frustrated about the K brothers still being around. I'm sure they all would love to fight both the K brothers because how are they going to make there biggest ever pay day if they don't fight them how are they going to get paid as that's there job to fight so the more money the better as that's there first priority? Once they fight them the world is going to know who they are and mention there names? The K brothers are the best in there class like you said most are not at the level of the K brothers but wouldn't it be more frustrating if the brothers retired and leave these other fighters fighting for world titles ?

  • 9 years ago

    You're right. Chazz can forget it. He should go back to the drawing board, fight some easy fights and bide his time for a few years and try to snatch one of the many plastic belts floating around. Then he should make as much as he can with that plastic belt and retire...........providing he even wins such a belt. But those are his best options.

    Seth Mitchell is great to watch. It's hard to not like him. But his chances are better in a lion's den, wearing pork chop underwear, than in a ring with a Klitschko. He should wait 2 years, for Vitali to retire, then try to snatch the vacant belt, defend it as often as possible before facing Wladimir. If you're going to take an asswhoopin, you might as well make as much money as possible.

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