Was I wrong to turn him down?

I'm feeling guilty about turning this guy down a few months ago. He really liked me and made it so obvious, but I didn't want to lead him on so I never hung out with him outside of school, never even hugged him. The thing that made him think I liked him was that I laughed at his jokes.

I thought he was really nice, but he just kind of creeped me out a little. We were working on a project where we had to plan a trip. The whole time we were planning it, he talked like we were actually going on this trip together. He asked me what hotel I wanted to stay at and what fun things I wanted to do. He just seemed way too into it. And sometimes he'd touch my arm when we were talking, but once he touched my upper thy, which I was really uncomfortable with. He would do things like that and say things about us watching a movie together and I just felt creeped out because I barely knew him.

When he asked me on an official date I told him I wasn't looking to date anyone at that time and I was sorry. I said I had a lot of things going on.

Was a wrong to turn him down because he kind of creeped me out?

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  • Cam
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    9 years ago
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    No, definitely not! You shouldn't date anyone you don't like! Even if you had said yes out of pity that would have only been leading him on, making it harder for you to end it later. I have yes to plenty of guys that I wasn't completely fond of, and in the end I just felt awful for it. You did the right thing :)

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