How to get a good nights sleep?

Most nights I go to bed around 9:00 and wake up between 7-8:00, but recently I've been having mainly a horrible nights sleep. Waking up what seems like every hour (although probably at least a little less), and defiantly having a hard time going back to sleep after 4:00.

Although I do watch T.V. before I go to sleep (and it often is on all night) this is a normal thing, so I wouldn't understand why it's suddenly affecting my sleeping habits.

Every time I wake up 3:00 or before my eyes are really droopy, but I cannot sleep. I can generally fix this by starting a new episode of Friends (which is the TV I watch), and go right back to sleep. Yet, after 3/4 A.M. If I happen to wake this doesn't work and end up having to wake up for the day (or just lie there for hours doing nothing.)

Any helpful hints, or tips, for getting a good night sleep are welcome!

I have tried eating healthier, and getting outside during the day (so I get plenty of Seratonin), but nothing seems to work.

What I crave most right now is a good nights sleep, if anyone can help me with achieve that you're amazing!

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  • Aphro
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    9 years ago
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    Eat bananas and drink milks before you went to bed. Make sure you sleep and wake up at the same time.

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