Do I have a chance with this girl?

I'm working my way through school waitering at a high volume restaurant. There is this customer that comes in. I have a 100% photographic memory of everything she ever orders. Everytime she comes in and I serve her, I'll buy her one drink at least. She will always wave at me and smile at me. I would rate myself a 7 and her a 9.5 to 10. So, I think she's out of my league. Does my description of her, make u believe I even have a chance with her? I'm about to leave the restaurant business, so if I see her again, should I leave my # in case she wants to stay in touch? Should I just flat out ask her out. Remember, u think she's out of my league. Feedback please.

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  • Vamp
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    9 years ago
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    If you don't ask her, then you certainly haven't got a chance.

    Ask. The worse she can do is turn you down.

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