Urgent help with sick fish needed, please?

A black fin cat fish has small white spots the size of a pin head, sort of like bubbles, on outer regions of the fins and whiskers, with a little on the body.

What should I do? Thanks for all answers!!!!!!!!


You have both been so very helpful. Thank you so much!

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  • 9 years ago
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    To answer this question. I would STAY CLEAR of medicine for ich (aka white spot) if possible as it can do more harm than good.... There is a better and safer way to treat ich in Topical fish called the

    raise temp and add salt method

    step 1 do a water change ASAP 25% at min

    step 2 lift your filter head out of the water a bit to get air flowing in the water or put an air stone in the water to get Oxygen in the water as the steps below this will thin the O2 in the water.

    step 3 and 4 slowly raise the temp on the tank up to 86ºF (30ºC) do this over a few hours. The reason behind this is to speed up the life cycle of ich and also kill them off as they do not like the higher temps. Leave this now on this setting for 3 days after you see the last spot on your fish. Very important as to make sure you have got them all out of the tank etc. Add 1 tablespoon of Aquarium salt per 5 gallons refer to as a salt bath this will also help the fish out (do this once only and add the salt over a few hours)

    Step 5 Every second day do a 20 - 25% water change on tank and make sure ya are cleaning the gravel while pulling water out. (remembering NOT to add any more salt to the tank while doing the water changes)

    Step 6 sit back and watch the fish close and hopefully after 7 - 10 days the ich should be all gone and you have had no sign for a clear 3 days.(VERY IMPORTANT or you will end up with it showing up again as the ich cycle is not broken) When ya have had three clear days with no sign of ich start to lower the temp in the tank back to it normal temp over a few days..

    This is a method I use when I get ich in my fish and has worked each and every time without fail... It is by far a safer way to treat ich and also will NOT kill off plants in a planted tank if you have them where meds do kILL plants off....

  • 9 years ago

    Your catfish has Ick! You can treat it naturally by turning up your tank temperature to 86 degrees, Ick cannot live in this warm of water. Also put some aquarium salt inside your tank. Ick should be completely gone in 1-2 weeks.

    Now if you want to do it with medication. Go to wal-mart and buy "Quick Cure" Be advised though, it shouldnt be used if you have shrimps or scaleless/weak creatures in your tank.

    Here is an article if you want to know more about "Ick":


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