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Why am I so hungry, all the time!?

I don't eat breakfast, but I eat normal at lunch. Then dinner comes and I have a meal, then I have another meal, then a half of a meal and then I have like 2 snacks... which usually involves a while bag of popcorn and a bowl of ice cream. BUT I'M STILL HUNGRY!!!

~BTW I'm 16 and 110 pounds................. I am so hungry all the timeeee please explain this nonsense.

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    It's probably more about what you are eating than the amount. It is normal to have a big appetite at your age as your body is growing. Start eating a healthy breakfast, it kick starts your metabolism and gives you the energy you need. Instead of a bowl of ice cream or popcorn, eat something low gi, try whole grain bread and a banana, it will fill you up much longer with less empty calories,

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    im 16 too are you single

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    get your thyroid checked!!!!

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