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Leave him behind, or what?

Ok, so here's the deal I have no idea if I'm overreacting but here it goes. My friend has been causing me so many problems recently with me, and he doesnt even know it. This is kinda of long, but I just need some advice. So like, half a year ago we started talking and became good friends, we talked everyday and had a lot in common and we liked each other! But after we hung out for the first time he said I was one of his best friends, and he obviously liked me. But the next day he got a really slutty girlfried. He never even mentioned this girl? So he stopped talk to me the whole time they dated. (4 months ish?) Like completely ignored me. But then, when he found out she cheated on him a ton, she broke up with him. Thats when he started talking to me again, and of course I felt really bad and helped him out. But after he got over it, he ignored me for another month. So then he texts me again, aparently he has been talking to my bestfriend and claims she likes him. She claims they didnt have a thing. I dont know who to believe here, both of their stories dont seem true. But then he texted me to see why my best friend stopped talking to him. So basically my point is he would rarely talk to me, and when he did it was for a favor. So I called him out on it, and said if you arent going to be a friend then why should I help you. He apologized and said he would try to talk to me more. But he is still really doing the same thing. When we talk he is really concieted and doesnt care what I have to say, he changed? Or he just blows off our conversations. Like when he makes plans to talk again he just shrugs them off. And ignores me like every other time I try to talk to him. Like dont get me wrong, I dont bother the kid everyday, I dont start the conversations most of the time. But when I do, I rarely get a response. He wont talk to me unless he needs some input on music he writes. And he is still texting my best friend a lot. I either want to just accept it and be his friend when he needs me, or never talk to him again. It changes by the day and I have no idea what to do.

There's a party this saturday and he's going to be there. What should I do? I cant decide if I should give him a big hug or pretend he isnt there? Im so confused. Anyways, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks:)

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    You are not his friend you are his convience. You are smart enough to know something is wrong!

    Think of him as an aquaintance. He's not there when you need him but you can count of him being there when he needs you! If you think of him as a friend that's all he will ever be. If you wanting him as a boyfriend you will be dissapointed! What do you expect from him? I have friends, but i don't have expectations about them. I just know they will be there for me if i need them. If he is just a freind who only talks to you when he needs you then don't expect more! If you expect a boyfriend lose him! In fact you shouldn't have him as neither! Listen babygirl!!!! There be no such thing as a part time friend or boyfriend. I'm a young guy and even i know that. You have a guy you thought was you're friend and a best friend who lied to you! You are smart enough to know something is wrong but not smart enough to know what to do! He is not your friend! No hugs, no texting, no phone.Tell him you trust your friends. He is not trustworthy. You should'nt compete with your best friend for him, one of you will lose. Tell him you are too busy to be his friend! This be a big world, there be room for all 3 of you. TELL YOU A LITTLE SECRET? YOUR ALLOWED TO PICK YOUR FRIENDS!!! BIG SURPRISE RIGHT? :) It really boils down to what you are expecting from him DOLL!

    It's hard to push away some one you think of as friend.Are you into guys who cause so many problems with you? I did'nt think so! How long would you put your hand in a fire before you pulled back?

    Problems are pain, pain is bad! Listen to your head this time not your heart! There is know easy answer doll! I can't even picture being in that situation. I suspect you might be wanting him as more then a friend! Well if that be the case then think of it this way! LOOK HOW HE TREATS YOU AS A SO CALLED FRIEND! He has come between you and your best friend, that will cause tension. I will leave you with this!! PICK BETTER FRIENDS!!!!!! :) This probably won't make things easier for you but it might give you something to think about! Good luck doll!

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    This is going to be hard to do, but stop and figure out what YOU want. Then do that. I am serious that is can be very difficult for us to figure out what we want and are willing to do for ourselves because we think about others so much and how they feel. Time to decide what YOU want. Does it work for YOU to say hello, or answer the phone, to give input about music. If not don't do it.

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