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What should i do about my son smoking pot?

he is only 13 and recently his father killed himself cause of our financial difficulties. Today i was cleaning his room and i found a bag of marijuana in his desk drawer. i weighed it with my kitchen cooking weight and its more than an ounce. the thing i'm concerned about is that how did he get the money for an ounce of weed? Should i punish him for smoking pot? i don't want to punish him cause i know what its like as a teenager and especially with all of these problems going on. i smoked weed at that age and it wouldn't feel right punishing him for it. please help me! he doesn't know i know yet!

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    Your son is understandably in pain.

    He's self medicating. It would be better if he could see a doctor about this, but I'm guessing that you can't afford it. Rather than attack him for self-medicating, reach out to him. Talk to him about his life. Talk to him about his sadness and his emptiness and confusion and his pain. When I say talk to him, I mean ask a question and then listen to him.

    Do you miss your dad? How are you doing? How are you feeling about school?

    This isn't about the pot. This is about a boy in terrible pain who needs help. Is pot the best help? No, but it isn't the worst. He doesn't need a lecture. He needs his mother.

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    Don't punish your son because he is already being punished with his father gone. That ounce of marijuana is most likely for him to sell and also for him to smoke. A 13 year old can't afford an ounce of marijuana. Have a talk with him and tell him how you feel. If there is one person a boy will listen to, that would be his mother. He will listen to how you feel and it will stick to him.

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    I was 9 when my Dad died. Shortly after my Mom had a nervous breakdown. I pretty much raised myself. Drank and smoked pot heavily. I had no family or friends.

    What your son needs now is not a lecture but YOU.

    Talk to him about it. Say you love him no matter, but pot is not going to help. This is when you two should be at the closest point of your relationship. Discuss with him about big brothers, sports, church, scouts, etc. He needs somthing to do besides school. If you can take a vacation. But just BE THERE for him.

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    I wouldn't punish him, he is hurting very bad right now and his fathers death is punishment enough.

    He is self medicating, trying to heal himself with the weed.

    I would try to talk to him about things, take him to counseling, grief group therapy, anything to take his mind off of it.

    He probably feels alone and scare, don't let him disappear.

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    Don't punish him honey confront calmly tell him ur not in trouble but why would u do this to me how did u afford it cause if he gets in trouble hell get mad and if he gets mad he might go smoke more To relax

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    don't punish him and just tell him like don't get caught

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    have one final smoke with him and flush it

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