What should I do to help my Stretched Ears heal?

I was an 8 for a while and it felt perfectly fine and ready to stretch to the next size. I understand, I was not supposed to, but I stupidly skipped to a 4... When I put the taper in it somewhat hurt, but not too bad. I left it in, then I later followed it and put in a stainless steel plug. But, during that time it bleed a little and the next day it was swollen. I've been cleaning around it with ear antiseptic and putting neosporin around the plug. Now, it's days later and the swelling has gone down and it feels better. But, how should I go about cleaning and taking care of them? Also, what products should I be using and I am too hesitant about taking out the plug, how long should I wait before I take it out and clean the inside of it?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Honestly, you should downsize and let your poor earlobes recover. Stuff like this is what leads to horrendous blow outs and I doubt you want your ears to look like gaping anuses.

    To clean just soak your ears in warm sea salt solution, but it is really important that you downsize, it'll bee much better for your ears.

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