Is it okay to use a pain killer after premolar teeth extraction if still bleeding?

Is it okay to use a painkiller like ibuprofen after teeth extraction? The premolar tooth extraction area is STILL BLEEDING and so is the bottom premolar extraction. There is a dark red and black film starting to form but it is still not completely clotted. The pain is irritating. Is it okay to use painkillers or could there be a problem??? Also, it had been 7 hours and no clot has formed yet. How to prevent a dry socket. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!


Also got stitches for the extractions.

Thanks to everyone who answered!

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  • 9 years ago
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    if you have any black tea pouches around put one of them on the area like a cotton swab and hold it there for a while, i dont know why but it has worked for me in the past when ive had teeth extracted, someone told me to try it and it worked. i dont know about other kinds of tea but you could try i always took ibprofen god you have to cuz that is one of the worst pains ever.

  • Trudy
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    5 years ago

    While Alcohol might be the best legal pain killer available - there are also severe side effects. Much more than a hangover. In order to be effective as a true painkiller, ethyl alcohol needs to be administered in doses that are almost lethal. I'll get to the point though, Oxycodone is the strongest now that you can get, Morphine sulphate is a little more potent- IV, but that's not really a prescription. I'll let you do the research. There are actually drugs much more powerful than heroin- which is already- {2X morphine} ( diacetyl morphine) that will kill you with less than 10 mg.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Ibuprofen can cause more bleeding, call your dentist for info on what you cantake. My dentist gave me ibuprofen after wisdomteeth extraction, didnt work so i took a vicodin... mymouth bled for several hours which i was told was normal.

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