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Dynasty Trade (Fielder, Trout + for Cargo, Hosmer +)?

12 team - dynasty head to head (points)

Team A Gets: Prince Fielder, Dan Haren, Mike Trout and Tommy Hanson

Team B Gets: Carlos Gonzalez, Eric Hosmer, Nefali Feliz and Daniel Hudson

Which side win?

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    Definitely Team A.

    Prince Fielder >> Carlos Gonzalez (Fielder crushes Gonzo in every category except Stolen Bases)

    Dan Haren >>>>>>> Daniel Hudson (Haren is the better pitcher, plus Hudson is on the disabled list right now)

    Mike Trout < Eric Hosmer (Trout was just called up from the minors, so we've yet to see what he's capable of, but he has a bright future. Hosmer had a terrific rookie season last year, but is doing terrible this year, sophomore slump perhaps? slight edge to Hosmer right now)

    Tommy Hanson > Neftali Feliz (as long as Hanson could stay healthy, he has the advantage right now)

    Source(s): 10+ years of Fantasy Baseball experience!
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    i doesn't do it. I comprehend Prince for Braun yet Hosmer and Grimm are in simple terms common and pondering you've EE at 1b you may haven't any room for Hosmer anyhow. i ought to do Fielder/Justin Masterson for Braun/Hosmer/Morrow. purely reason is that justin sounds like a one hit ask your self and Hammels value is to low today. and also you get a correct high quality pitcher in morrow who will turn it round quickly.

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