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15 year old girl, need to know how to burn fat quickly and get motivated to excercise?

I'm 15 and really athletic but I'm heavier then I would like.. Especially in my stomach/hip/ thigh areas. I mean I'm not overweight but I really want to have a flat stomach and skinny legs:/ I just have a tough time getting motivated to work out at home after practice. Please help! It's driving me crazy, especially since all my friends are really skinny and have perfect bodies:/ thank you!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If you are already athletic, you may have to look at what you're eating and drinking more than working out. Are you drinking sodas every day, even diet ones? Are you eating a lot of bread, potatoes or corn? Those foods will pack the weight on. Try eliminating them and see if that helps.

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