How to say "Bad person" in Chinese?

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    9 years ago
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    We say it: 坏人 (simplified characters) huaìrén (traditionnal characters) 壞人 huaìrén

    The "h" is pronouced like the spanish "j" (la jota) and the "r" sounds like an english "w". (ai=I) u (=salOOn). lol ;)

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    "Bad person" = 壞人 / 坏人 = pronounced "huai4 ren2" in Mandarin. In movies, they say 壞蛋 / 坏蛋, "huai4 dan4"

    @ Polyglot, you are NOT a true polyglot:

    Chinese h sound DOES NOT sound like the way the letter j sounds in Spanish!!! It is the same sound as ENGLISH h!

    The r sound in Mandarin sometimes sounds like the English r and at times it does not. BUT IT never sounded like the W sound in ENGLISH or any language!!!

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    坏人 huaì rén

    混蛋 Hún dàn (used to abuse a bad person)

    If you want to get the pronunciation right, put this in google translate.

    But I don't think you'll need it if you already know the phonetics and tones

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