Stretched ear lobe bleeding, what to do?

My ear lobe gauges were at a size 8 and I went to stretch them to a 6. I think I must have mistaken the size 4 taper with the 6 one. All I know is that it was difficult to remove the taper once it was in, so I waited a few days. When I was finally able to take the taper out, my ear started bleeding. It does not look like a blowout. There is no skin coming out, it's just bleeding. It doesn't hurt, but it did sting when I went to clean the blood with a q-tip. I downsized immediately. Is there anything I should do to help it heal other than sea salt soaks?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You did exactly what you needed to do!! That's happened to me, just leave the downsized In and make sure that you keep them clean!

    Source(s): 1/2 inch ears.
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