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How can i gain weight and muscle fast?

I'm an 18 year old male, 6 feet tall exactly, and i weigh 125 pounds, its safe to say im skinny. iv spent the last 5 weeks taking in as much calories as possible, way more than it would take for me to gain weight but i haven't, and i stopped going to the gym for that time just to see if i would gain weight, I talked to my dad and he said protein and lifting heavy weights is the way to go, is he right? whats the best way i can go about this so that i start actually gaining weight and muscle the fastest way possible? Also im a natural runner, when i do go to the gym i spend about 40% of my workout on the treadmill and elliptical, should i cut down on the running since it burns calories?

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    Eat well, sleep well, and exercise daily.


    Push ups, pull ups, curl ups, running (yep), jumping, lift weights and do everything you can do to exercise your whole body. Plus, Sleep (enough), Eat (protein filled & nutritious foods).

    I think you should work out like 1-2 hours in the gym every day.

    And, eating to many calorie filled food, won't exactly help, they will make you weigh more but your muscles won't come.

    Hope I helped!


    Source(s): I work out (I'm a gymnast)
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    Ur dad is right.....but it takes time to build muscles.

    But if u want result more quickly.....u start to drink two glass of milk with 6 bananas daily.

    & also take 199% Pure Whey protein shake. U'll definitely got good muscular body.

    But it takes time.

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