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Why won't my ducks and geese get in their pond?

A few weeks ago we finished building a pond an approx. 700 gallon pond for our ducks and geese. The first few days they got in, never for a long time just a few minutes then they came back out. But now they never go in, they just drink water and get out. I thought waterfowl were supposed to love swimming, why don't mine?

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    Everyone has different natures, just like people. As long as they have water to dabble in, and drink constantly, they'll be happy. Temperatures of water don't matter to ducks. They dont feel temp in their feet and their bodies are proofed, with the water proof feathers. My ducks will float about when the water has ice on parts of it. Dont worry if they are happy and healthy, they'll swim when they feel like it.

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    9 years ago

    check the temperature on the pool, maybe that's the cause. be patient, it takes time. but try also putting some plants in there, i think it will help. :D

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