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Should i be done with my boyfriend?

I know this is an unusual question to ask perfect strangers, but I really need an ousiders opinion and not the jaded sides of my family or his. We've been exclusive since October 2011 but have been seeing each other since June 2010. I've fallen completely and totally head over heels for him and do truly love him with all my heart but often when we have a fight or something I always think of that quote "if u love someone sometimes u have to let them go". Our relationship has been crazy, he's a recovering addict and its only been recent that he's quit and we've moved in together so I'm constantly worried and fearful that he's gonna relapse and I'm gonna come home from work one morning and find that everything in our apartment is gone because he's sold it or pawned it or something for drug money. And then while he was doing drugs he was constantly unfaithful and cheated on me several times and lied about it and even stole money from me. I know ur thinking what the hell u dumbass u should have left this asshole a long time ago, but its not that simple, as I stated I love the boy with all my heart and while yes we've had some pretty damn horrible times we've also had some really great ones. He's not a completely horrible guy either. When he's not on anything he's very loving and caring and sweet and tells me how much he loves me and wants to be with me and how happy he is now with his life and that if it wasn't for me he would probably be dead or locked up. I want to believe him but because of his past of cheating and lying to me its hard for me to and I feel like its really beginning to damage our relationship. I don't know if I should attempt to overcome my trust issues and work on our relationship because I do love him and I am fearful as to what would happen to him or if I should just call it quits and move on.. so that's where the strangers of yahoo! answers come in, any opinions or advice u could give me right now would be very much greatly appreciated.

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    I get that you're scared, and I get why you're scared, but if you do love him, you have to be in this with him! You have to help him recover, and not just watch. Support him, and care for him and believe in him.

  • If ur considering it then that's a sure sign u should break up with him.

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